Friday, June 3, 2011

19th Meeting of 2011

It was a day of firsts at UT Sciences Toastmasters.

The theme of the 19th meeting was "Cinema", and Albert Ntiri did a great job in his first-time role as Toastmaster of the Day.

Jordi Calveras delivered his first Advanced Communicator speech, from The Professional Speaker manual. His speech was the first project from that manual, The Keynote Address.

Eamon O'Dea also had a first this week - he was the TableTopics Master. Drawing inspiration from a conversation at last week's meeting, he invited each speaker to collaborate on the pitch for a hypothetical film. One speaker chose the set, another choose characters, and the rest developed a series of plot elements - each in the required 1-2 minutes. The final "film" was a swashbuckling adventure with evil princes, disguised princesses, and a stable-hand with dreams of greatness. The experience was tremendous fun!

Coming up next week: our club's first Open House!

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