Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hello my fellow Toastmasters and Guests,

We had an exciting and thought provoking meeting.  First, Elie gave us the realities of life in her speech.  It was so moving that the vote for the best speaker was called.  Then Anna came after her to invigorate us to study abroad.  That speech had exciting moments of suspense that even Jag had to mention that we should enjoy Kenya right now at its apex of exotic tourism.  Later on during Tabletopics, Strong did an excellent job when answering the question given to him by our eclectic Table Topics Masters Katia.  Maryam lead our meeting well for the evening as Toastmaster.  Because Jag was so moved by Elie's speech, he gave an outstanding evaluation that even the vote again was called off.  Thank you everyone for your support.  Lets have another great meeting.  Next week has Elie and Anna giving speeches.  What a pleasant surprise.

From a fellow officer

Friday, April 4, 2014


Hi UT Sciences Toastmasters,

The Open House was a driving success.  Andrew did a great job as Toastmaster.  He was extremely polite about transitioning between the various roles.  Elie aided him with TableTopics asking questions to many of the guests.  Then two terrific speeches were given by Maryam and Kalen.  Maryam discussed about how the college programs may not correctly measure success.  For example, Neil deGrasse Tyson first was rejected in his graduate program to latter complete his graduate work at Columbia.  Now he is a world renowned astrophysicist because of his communication skills.   Kalen discussed about how to make good presentations.  He gave good advice such as using pauses to build up suspense. 

The tabletopics ended well with Summer, Mehren, and Anna giving excellent impromptu speeches.  Summer used inspiration as a way to get people to help the world.  Mehren mentioned that he is a mixture between an extrovert an introvert.  Anna used logic as a way to describe that she wanted to be President so that she could travel the world.  It was a great meeting.  Thankyou to Carol, Katia, Elie, and Kalen for setting up the food.

Friday, March 28, 2014


Dear My Fellow Toastmasters,

We had a splendid meeting with Xiang being Toastmaster.  Marcia, Elie, and Sofia gave interesting speeches.  Marcia mentioned that being a Vegan can be an enjoyable experience.  While Elie gave us a warming about Demogogues taking control of the situation and making it worse.  Sofia ended with failure being the impetus for change.  Thomas turned around during Tabletopics to ask questions.  Andrev, Felipe, and Anna gave excellent answers for various questions involving "What drives you?".  Thankyou to everybody who helped with the meeting.

Saturday, March 1, 2014



We had an excellent meeting with three speeches from our finest speakers.   Elie raved how awful the movie "Frozen" was.  Katia advised how to satiate in the natural scenery of Austin.  Marcia discussed about how to prepare your hair into "lochs."  After that, tabletopics was lively with questions from Sofia.  She is a natural philosopher with a great mind into the deepness of the human heart.  Well, she is after all a neural science major that had though provoking questions around the influence of the golden globe awards.  Kalen provided thoughtful advice for Elie's speech.  Jagannath mentioned what needed to improve for Katia's speech.  Thomas orated a lesson about swagger to Marcia.

Come to next week's meeting to watch our club contest.  Currently we have Jagannath and Maryam for the International Speech Contest and Elie and Katia for the Evaluation Contest with the test speaker being Andrew.  Next week will have complementary cookies and tea with forms to become a member.  We will guide you through the process of becoming one of us.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Fifth Meeting of the Year

Hello my fellow toastmasters,

Andrew as toastmaster brilliantly lead the battle for today's meeting.  He kept everyone on time and in order.  He has done well over the last several weeks for other roles.  That is why he received an appreciation award from the area governor and our special toy pets for being member of the week.  Also Katia asked intriguing questions about the Winter Olympics ranging from what will be the best location to if the olympians are actually rolemodels.

Our two speakers Kalen and Sofia delivered well on their speeches.  Kalen mentioned about setting up a fund to better feed and provide better bedding for the hardworking graduate students who make the iphone work from the programming side to the materials science of silicon.  Sofia on the other hand discussed about the importance of meditation controlling our thoughts.  She opined that a mind without meditation experiences a state of being out of control.  The method is simple.  To not hate, but to love.  Surprisingly did Jesus teach this.  That is left out by both creationists and evolutionists alike.  Besides, graduate students do need more support.  So I call upon you today forgive an old mistake done by you or another and help one another.

The menu has a full complement of speakers.  Elie, Marcia, and Katia will be our next speakers for the next meeting.  Come next week to experience the sight of three of our greatest speakers and a bit of impromtu speaking during tabletopics.

Best from a fellow officer

Friday, February 14, 2014

Fourth Meeting of the Year

Hy my fellow toastmasters,

Last Friday had a great meeting with Marcia dreaming about not having any speaking mistakes.  Zhufeng countered how to have a fantastic vacation in San Francisco.  Mehren asked inquisitive questions about Valentines Day.  The responses were quite intriguing with the various opinions.  Jagannath though led the charge of the meeting as the toastmaster.

Best Regards,
From a fellow club officer

Friday, February 7, 2014

Third Meeting of the Year

Despite the school closure, the Toastmasters meeting was able to convene vibrantly.  Elie brilliantly lead the meeting and Thomas tweaked us with his story starting "What is the Big Question?".  Though the theme seem broad, the story starter lead the first answerer Alex to discover that an outlaw witch lost in a foreign land needed to find where her other comrads were.  Thomas told a story and Alex took it on from there and passed to another story teller with Thomas ending it.  Andrew also won an award as member of the week with a cremepuff from Elie.

Before the withchery, Katia gave us advice about how to enjoy an European vacation to its fullest.  She offered pertinent details like using the public transport system instead of unreliable rentals in these congested smaller than American cities.  Her advice about going to their local supermarkets instead of expensive restaurants that in reality cater to foreign tourists may lead the adventurer to their weirder foods, such as goat intestines.

Jagannath the joker had a few surprises with his bag of tricks.  He gave a standup comedy.  Alright, the comedy of Jag was hilarious.  He gave all sorts of jokes about why he was a scientist.  He wanted to become a scientist because it seemed like a cool American thing to do.  He loves listening to cool Americans with crazy names like an Iowan gentlemen who loves to smoke pot to discover what are the real secrets of the universe through his sixth sense. 

Now to the witchery, Alex starts off by figuring out how to not be lost in a dirty country trail.  Then Kalen the Warloch technomages with google maps to be aware of his spatialness.  Maryam figures the physics of the sixth sense somehow.  And witches to the convention of witches, but apparently could not use superpowers to find front door.  However, Marcia the SuperWitch Negotiator asks Santa for help to get down chimney because somehow they were best buds.  Andrew remembers that the witch was being hunted down by the authorities and magically turns all of the other witches and warlochs to look the same.  Wow what an experience.  Xiang uses his physics theorems to find who was what.  Thomas ends it with hirelings fixing the problem throughout the Night.  And away the hunted one whisked away in her broom.

The menu for next week has Zhufeng giving an unknown flavor and Marcia having a surprise just for you guests.  So come and enjoy everything we got to offer.