Guests are always welcome to attend our meetings, whether you want to observe a meeting in action or get your feet wet before becoming a member.

To become a fully participating member of our club, submit your membership application form (see instructions) and dues (payable to Toastmasters International via check, money order, or credit card) to a club officer and we will send them on to Toastmasters International for processing. Do NOT fill out the payment information if you plan to pay by credit card -- for your safety, you can submit your card online with an officer present.
  • Dues are $36.00 for each six month period starting April and October, pro-rated $6.00 per month. 
  • There is also a New Member fee of $20.00 that covers processing and the New Member Kits. 
  • Additionally, there is a $5.00 fee for members to pay per semester. The funds are to cover the cost of the on-campus locker, club materials, food and drinks for game nights, the orientation posters, etc.
Where will Pathways take you?

Continue your journey of personal and professional development with UT Science Toastmasters! Toastmasters’ new education program, Pathways, will be the foundation of your Toastmasters experience. Pathways is designed to help you build the competencies you need to communicate and lead. For more information you can go to