Friday, June 17, 2011

21st Meeting of 2011

After the excitement of last week's Open House, we somehow managed to make it to Friday with an unfilled agenda. Luckily our members were up to the task of signing up for meeting roles at the last minute.

Justin Hall stepped in as Toastmaster of the Day, and led us through a meeting on the theme of "Pet Peeves". Jordi Calveras gave his 2nd Advanced Communicator speech, "The Entertaining Speech", and related several amusing stories of the cultural clashes he experienced during his time in Japan.

Table Topics were led by Maryam Ali, and many of our new members and guests spoke about things that annoy them to a remarkable degree.

Our visitor, and veteran Toastmaster, Mick Normington stood in as General Evaluator and gave us valuable feedback from an outsider's perspective. Eamon O'Dea made his debut as Speech Evaluator for Jordi's speech. Supporting roles were played by Maryam Ali (Grammarian), Tatiana Makhinova (Ah-counter), Giacomo Ravo (Time Keeper) and Jason Yan (Vote Counter). It was not only Giacomo's and Ravo's first time filling meeting roles, it was their first meeting as full member! Congratulations to them!

Ahmed Aldkhil was also attending his first meeting as a full member. Our guests included Anastasia Kokanina, Weijia Li, Najah, Maryam Algassab, Mick Normington, and Andrew. We hope to see them again next week!

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