Friday, July 1, 2011

23rd Meeting of 2011

At our club we often talk about our experiences traveling but we seldom discuss the means by which we get from one place to another. This week we explored means of transportation under the theme, "Planes, Trains and Automobiles."

Tom Vamvanij was the Toastmaster of the Day. Our Word of the Day was "Wanderlust".

Our new member Giacomo Ravo gave his Icebreaker Speech, talking about his background in Italy and his new life in the U.S. Mick Normington gave a brief talk on popular college majors in Texas and the local job market.

Zhenya Mikhaylova, our newest member, gave her first Table Topics session. Weijia Li won the Best Table Topics award for his story about getting on trains through the window as a kid.

The General Evaluator was Maryam Ali. Speech evaluators were Andrew Engel and Justin Hall. Supporting roles were played by Tatiana Makhinova (Grammarian), Eamon O'Dea (Ah Counter), Weijia Li (Time Keeper) and Justin Hall (Vote Counter).

There were no new guests today. People in attendance were: Jordi Calveras, Tom Vamvanij, Zhenya Mikhaylova, Tatiana Makhinova, Eamon O'Dea, Giacomo Ravo, Weijia Li, Andrew Engel, Ahmed Aldkhil, Justin Hall, Maryam Ali and Mick Normington. Not bad for the middle of Summer Semester!

Based on the goals met in the last week, our club now qualifies for Distinguished Club status! And by becoming our 5th new member in the months of May and June, Zhenya has helped up meet the "Beat The Clock" membership contest set by Toastmasters International. Congratulations to our entire club for reaching these goals!

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