Friday, August 5, 2011

28th Meeting of 2011

The theme of the meeting was "Lifestyles of the Poor and Obscure", in which the impoverished members of our club described their attempts to live on an academic's budget. The Toastmaster of the Day was Justin Hall. The word of the day was "Vicarious".

We had one prepared speech today - Jordi Calveras gave his fifth and final speech from the "Professional Speaker" advanced manual.

Alex Loh did a great job as TopicsMaster, making us laugh with reminders of the lengths graduate students go to to obtain free food, clothing, and furniture.

The General Evaluator was Jag Swaminathan, while the speech was evaluated by Tatiana Makhinova.

Supporting roles were filled by Dmitri Iourovitski (debuting as Grammarian), Eamon O'Dea (Ah counter), Maryam Ali (Time Keeper), and Andrew Engel (Vote Counter).

Join us next week for the topic "It's never too late".

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