Friday, November 18, 2011

43rd Meeting of 2011

The theme of this meeting was "Wolves". The Toastmaster of the Day was Justin Hall. The TopicsMaster was Jordi Calveras. The word of the day was "carnivorous".

Both speakers gave their 10th CC manual speeches on the theme of "Inspire your audience". Kalen Braman gave a rousing speech exhorting, "Citizens of Endor, Unite!" Maryam Ali spoke on "Ethical Science".

Kathy Spradlin was the General Evaluator. Speech evaluators were Jag Swaminathan and Andrew Engel.

Victor Yu was Grammarian, Eamon O'Dea was Ah Counter, Jordi Calveras was Time Keeper, and Natasha Scherbakova was Vote Counter.

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