Friday, December 16, 2011

46th Meeting of 2011

The 46th meeting of the year was on the topic of "Politically Incorrect" and the Toastmaster of the Day was Justin Hall. Our TopicsMaster, Alex Loh, divided the audience into two teams who debated the statement, "Good communication is the most important skill a leader should have."

The Word of the Day was "Diplomatic".

Jag Swaminathan gave his 6th Competent Communicator speech titled, "The Cyclonic Monk from India".

The General Evaluator was Natasha Scherbakova, and the prepared speech was evaluated by Maryam Ali.

The supporting roles were filled by Albert Ntiri (Grammarian), Xiang Hu (Ah Counter), Kalen Braman (Time Keeper) and Tatiana Makhinova (Vote Counter).

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