Friday, February 17, 2012

177th Meeting

Today's meeting was full of laughs! Our Toastmaster, Maryam, led us off with the topic of "St. Valentine's Day". The Table Topics Master, Jordi Calveras, gave us many chances to work on creating the typical romance story as well as some new creative ones. The word of the day was "revere."

Our first prepared speaker was Kalen, giving his first speech from the "Humorously Speaking" manual. Kathy gave the second speech--her first one (icebreaker)!

We had a few guests who tried their luck at our Table Topics -- one, Aakash, even won this week! Great work guys.

The supporting roles were served by Eamon (Grammarian), Xiang (Ah Counter, Vote Counter), and Alex Loh (Time Keeper). Guys, please try to sign up for roles sooner >.<. But no big.

The general evaluator was Alex, and the evaluators were Eamon (Kalen's speech) and Victor (Kathy's speech).

After the meeting was our monthly dinner social, where the rain kept us in to keep us socializing for even longer! It was a lot of fun (yum... 30 inch pizza).

Join us next week for the next action-packed episode of Lost! er, I mean, Toastmasters.

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