Friday, March 2, 2012

179th Meeting

Hello one and all! During our 8th Meeting of 2012 we discussed "Fast Food." There were lots of contentious arguments and even a couple of impromptu cooking shows. We were led by Jag, the Toastmaster of the evening, and Victor provided us with a fun Table Topics session as Table Topics Master.

The speeches today were given by Maryam, who presented a thrilling and well-conducted impromptu speech on the Occupy movement. Eamon gave speech #4 from the CC manual called "A dice game you can always win." Their evaluators were Alex (for Maryam) and Justin (for Eamon).

Our General Evaluator was Kalen, and he managed the supporting roles of Grammarian (Marcell), Ah Counter and Vote Counter (Kathy), and Time Keeper (Alex).

Thanks all for a great week at 5:55pm in PHR 2.110!

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