Sunday, August 4, 2013

29TH Meeting of the year

This was a dynamic meeting with Vema giving us a story about Dr. Seuss to Maryam covering the controversial topic of illegal immigration.  Justin Hall led the meeting as Toastmaster while our newest member Kristen was the topicsmaster offering the more correct definition of ratchet, a person lacking care for others. This meeting was the first time that high quality video recording was done successively.  The sound was perfect and video has crisp look.  Overall, Maryam did well for her speech.  She is on her way to completing the ACL project.  Vema gave an unconventional speech from a children's book.  He knew exactly what part to read that would keep us interested in listening.  Come and listen to great speeches, and you can also give a great speech too.

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  1. Meeting was actually held on July 26, 2013.