Saturday, August 31, 2013

34th meeting of the year

This meeting was an exciting one.  It was the takeover of the cyborgs.  No it was not.  Instead, we brought technology into the meeting.  Our former president Alex Loh hosted table topics over the webcam with us.  He did ask very intriguing questions.  On the other hand, Thomas recorded Tien's Icebreaker speech.  Tien gave us an insight to his martial arts abilities.  Thus, technology gave us the spice that every meeting should have.

First of all, Tien gave an icebreaker that showed that people can overcome their obstacles.  Because Tien was from a family of smaller stature, Tien had to overcome large bullies.  He quickly used his head to learn martial arts.  First, he experimented with the various techniques.  One of them did not work because of the small legs.  But he persevered until he could defeat the bullies.  That was not the end.  To gain fear, he learned how to use bamboo sticks as a defensive tool.  He won the day of having no more bullies messing with him.  Thus, you too future toastmaster may turn your weaknessses in life into strengths that make you feel sucessiveful.  Come and join to enjoy the safari of life.  Life is a challenge that is meant to be conquered. 

Besides Tien overcoming bullies, Justin had to overcome the technical challenges to allow Alex to ask us questions.  The questions were interesting.  He would give us a question before picking the victim to give the written spiel.  The purpose was for the speaker to expand upon what was written either in a truthful or lying manner.  It was our job to to determine the lie.  Our president Elie surprisingly won though she convinced not too many of her lie of the government preventing construction of glass building near the coast.  Elie was good at showing none of the emotions of a lair, but needs to work on making a better story.  But the story was a interesting one to listen too.  It simply sounded too good to be true. 

In the end, Tien had his speech recorded with success and Alex had run the table topics over the internet without a hitch.  Come and enjoy the enjoyable atmosphere of toastmasters as an oasis from your arduous studies.  We all hope to help you succeed in your life of communication.

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