Friday, October 11, 2013

40th meeting of the year

Hello my Fellow Toastmasters,

This meeting was a success.  All the roles were filled before the meeting.  I have to congratulate Elie and Xiang for setting up a spectacular meeting.  Though I was the only one to give a speech this evening, I am proud of how Xiang set up the tabletopics.  Many of the guests had an opportunity to speak. 

There is much to say about the speech, but first, Kristen was an active participant and Maryam a superb evaluator.  There may have been rusty parts in the make belief sales pitch; however, Kristen kept the discussion interesting. Then Maryam swung around near the meeting's end to give an insightful critique.  Maryam mentioned that the questions could have been deeper into Kristen's background so that Thomas could have ascertained what have been a better strategy for selling the product.  Also Maryam mentioned that Thomas should have provided more specifics about the linen shirts.  In the end, Kristen purchased the linen shirts since she saw that the linen shirts had the potential to make her student organization successful.

Then Xiang flow over the mountain top to discuss the randomness of butterflies.  The questions were thought provoking because of the implication that a small thing could change the surrounding universe.  The first question went to Maryam, who was the victor of Xiang's Jeopardy.  However, Xiang flew another question to one of the guests about why tornadoes are though to be more prevalent in Texas than in Oklahoma and Tennessee.   She answered that Texans would benefit from a more thorough understanding of the world.   Justin was next for Xiang's Jeopardy.  Justin returned to the myth of how the people of the southern plains chased off the tornado gobbling monsters.  Katia's response to Jeopardy of Xiang was that a cat rapidly changing its mind to thrust into the bike of her mother injured her mother for an extensive time.  The other guest gave his best at Jeopardy of Xiang.  Kristen mentioned that the beauty of her butterfly jewelery led to someone questioning how she could be that beautiful and be a professional computer programmer.  Xiang also included a hilarious video of how time travel cannot fix past mistakes. 

The last part was the evaluations.  Already mentioned, Ali gave an excellent evaluation.  Justin and Sophia did a wonderful task of discovering our speech errors.  Katia kept the time machine going and Andrew made sure democracy was preserved for all of us.  Zhufeng introduced all the evaluators promptly.  I love serving this great team and lets form more great teams like this in the future.  Next week on the menu is Vema's speech David and Goliath.  Cannot wait to hear that tempest.  Come and listen to it.  And allow tabletopics to perfect your English speaking. 

Sincerely from your local Area Governor

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