Friday, April 4, 2014


Hi UT Sciences Toastmasters,

The Open House was a driving success.  Andrew did a great job as Toastmaster.  He was extremely polite about transitioning between the various roles.  Elie aided him with TableTopics asking questions to many of the guests.  Then two terrific speeches were given by Maryam and Kalen.  Maryam discussed about how the college programs may not correctly measure success.  For example, Neil deGrasse Tyson first was rejected in his graduate program to latter complete his graduate work at Columbia.  Now he is a world renowned astrophysicist because of his communication skills.   Kalen discussed about how to make good presentations.  He gave good advice such as using pauses to build up suspense. 

The tabletopics ended well with Summer, Mehren, and Anna giving excellent impromptu speeches.  Summer used inspiration as a way to get people to help the world.  Mehren mentioned that he is a mixture between an extrovert an introvert.  Anna used logic as a way to describe that she wanted to be President so that she could travel the world.  It was a great meeting.  Thankyou to Carol, Katia, Elie, and Kalen for setting up the food.

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