Saturday, November 29, 2014

UT Toasmaster Club Host Martha Louise Hunter

University of Texas  At Austin Sciences Toastmasters Club host Martha Louise Hunter author of ”Painting Juliana”  in 

Highlights pictures of live event powered by UT Sciences Toastmaster + UT Toastmaster in  ”The Art of Public Speaking” featuring guest speaker ”Martha Louise Hunter” A renown’s author of award winning novel ”Painting Juliana” Martha is a  Barnes & Noble Arboretum Bestseller with an English degree and has featured on many magazine and owns couple of home building and interior design companies.

                                                       Martha Louise Hunter 
                                                        Martha Louise Hunter
                                Katia Hougaard, President - UT Science Toastmaster
                                             UT Science Toastmaster Members
                              President of UT Science Toastmaster & UT Toastmaster
                                                              Event Handout
                                                              Event Flyer
          Bako Ambianda, Vice President Public Relations -  UT Science Toastmaster
Bako Ambianda, Vice President Public Relations -  UT Science Toastmaster 

For potential join activities opportunities, interview request, collaboration meetings or if you would like to invite one of  our club officers  to speak in an event on UT Campus  to captivate the audience and inform them about UT Science Toastmaster Club. Contact our Vice President for Public Relation ''Bako Ambianda’’ at 

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