Saturday, February 28, 2015

UTSTM Hosted Becoming a Confident Public Speaker Event by Melissa Murphy

Austin, TX – The University of Texas at Austin Sciences Toastmaster Club (UTSTM) hosted a public speaking event ''Becoming a Confident Public Speaker’’ at the Student Activity Center, February 27. Melissa Murphy, Founder of The Pitch Academy, served as the featured keynote speaker.

                                Here Are Highlights Pictures of The Event:

                               The Pitch Academy Display #Justpitchit
                                                 Melissa Murphy in Action
                       Audiences All Engaged In Melissa Murphy Presentation
                                      Melissa Murphy on Sneak in a Workout
                                       Melissa Murphy on Power Up
                                      Melissa Murphy on Fearless Agenda
                             Melissa Murphy on Interactive Session (Power Up)
                                            Interactive Warm Up Session 
                                            Interactive Warm Up Session 
                   Bako Ambianda, Melissa Murphy & Katia ''The Pitch Academy''
                                UTSTM Officers Poses with Melissa Murphy

                                         Bako Ambianda & Melissa Murphy

Melissa Murphy is the Founder of The Pitch Academy, a modern communication consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs & young professionals pitch themselves and their ideas – in an interview, at work, while networking, or in front of investors.  Visit their website for more info

UT Sciences Toastmasters is a club where people gather to gain experiences in public speaking and leadership in a fun and encouraging environment. We are associated with Toastmasters International, a non-profit organization providing people a consistent and enjoyable program for developing their skills. The club is based at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas.

We meet on Fridays, from 5:45pm - 7pm
Student Activity Center (SAC) 1.106
University of Texas at Austin 
Austin, TX 78712

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  1. All these pictures are just outstanding and you guys are rocking!! I think, everyone enjoyed this speaking event. Well, I have heard this kind of event before. I just attend couple of similar events in New York and it was great fun to be part of events where you get to speak.