Friday, January 20, 2017

What UTSTM Has Been Up To (Fall 2016)

Happy 2017! The first post this year aims to recap some of the memories since the last post:
  • Open House: The club hosted and open house where we were treated to speeches by multiple DTMs, as well as a quick movie pitch for the Austin Film Festival.
  • Competitions: Two members of UTSTM, Jake LeVieux and Anna Yu, represented the club at the Area level, where they won in both Tall Tales and Evaluations. Anna went on to compete at the District level.
  • Collaborations: UTSTM fostered its relationship with another fellow club, the Central Austin Toastmasters. Members from UTSTM assisted their competitions, went to meetings as guest speakers, or just attended. The opposite also happened, with Central Austin Toastmasters members participating in numerous UTSTM activities.
  • Many meetings: Some highlights include first speeches by Jonathan, Lily, Kareem, Egleide, and more; a spooky table topics session for Halloween; a meeting themed around the election; a member earning her Advanced Communicator Bronze achievement (Tolani), another becoming both a Competent Communicator and a Competent Leader (Sarah), and another became a Competent Communicator (Luis); and the club earned many new members!
Here’s to a great 2017!

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