Friday, July 8, 2011

24th Meeting of 2011

This week's theme was Extreme Sports, and Eamon O'Dea made his debut as Toastmaster of the Day. The Word of the Day was "Exhilarating".

The prepared speech was delivered by Jordi Calveras, a "Professional Seminar" talk for his Advanced Communication manual.

Giacomo Ravo debuted as Table TopicsMaster and asked us about the extreme sports we may have participated in or adamantly avoided.

The General Evaluator was Andrew Engel. Tom Vamvanij evaluated Jordi's speech. Supporting roles were played by Maryam Ali (Grammarian), Tatiana Makhinova (Ah Counter), Time Keeper (Jason Yan), and Justin Hall (Vote Counter).

Today's guests included: Jim Jin, Steve Sedowski, Ruben Rodriguez, and Edgar Edyee Campos.

Next week we debate the superiority of Pirates versus Ninjas.

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