Friday, July 15, 2011

25th Meeting of 2011

This week's theme was "Pirates versus Ninjas". Maryam Ali was Toastmaster of the Day for this celebration of epic rivalries. The word of the day was "enthralling".

We had two prepared speeches today - Jag Swaminathan's #5 speech titled "Oh My God", and Giacomo Ravo's #2 speech exploring the differences between "Old World vs. New World".

Andrew Engel organized an exciting Table Topics session, using presentation slides as prompts for rivalries ranging from the eponymous "Pirates vs. Ninjas" to "Cats vs. Dogs" and "Windows vs. Mac". (Linux won that battle.)

Jordi Calveras was the General Evaluator. Jason Yan evaluated Jag and Jordi Calveras evaluated Giacomo. Supporting roles were played by Weijia Li (Grammarian), Alex Loh (Ah Counter), Eamon O'Dea (Time Keeper) and Ahmed Aldkhil (Vote Counter).

Today's attendees were: Jordi Calveras, Eamon O'Dea, Maryam Ali, Ahmed Aldkhil, Giacomo Ravo, Alex Loh, Jason Yan, Andrew Engel, Jag Swaminathan, and Weijia Li.

Our guests were: Jim Jin, Xiang Hu, and Anastasia Kokanina.

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