Friday, July 22, 2011

26th Meeting of 2011

This week's theme was "iPhone apps". The Toastmaster of the Day was Tom Vamvanij, who coincidentally thinks iPhones are evil. The Word of the Day was "superfluous".

Our two prepared speeches were "The Golden Goose" by Maryam Ali for her Project #6, and "Success through Failure" by Justin Hall for his Project #5.

Tom Vamvanij served as TableTopics Master.

Andrew Engel was the General Evaluator. Jag Swaminathan evaluated Maryam while Ahmed Aldkhil evaluated Justin. Supporting roles were filled by Eamon O'Dea (Grammarian), Xiang Hu (Ah Counter), Andrew Engel (Time Keeper), and Ahmed Aldkhil (Vote Counter).

Today's attendees were: Maryam Ali, Tatiana Makhinova, Giacomo Ravo, Ahmed Aldkhil, Andrew Engel, Jag Swaminathan, Eamon O'Dea, Jordi Calveras, and Justin Hall.

Guests were: Kayoko, Irina Zvyagintseva, Heiu Nguyen, Xiang Hu, and  Dmitri Iourovitski.

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