Friday, July 29, 2011

27th Meeting of 2011

The theme of the meeting was "Whose Toast Is It Anyway", with a series of improvisational activities for TableTopics. The Toastmaster of the Day was Jag Swaminathan, and the Word of the Day was "instinctive".

We had two prepared speeches. Tatiana Makhinova delivered her #3 speech on "Pharmacoeconomics: Why do we need it?". Alex Loh gave his #2 speech on "Every hero needs a Sidekick".

Justin Hall, as Topics Master, gave each speaker a simple question, such as "What did you do in the morning". Halfway through the talk he offered the speaker a word randomly pulled from a hat, such as "zucchini", which the speaker had to incorporate into the talk as seamlessly as possible. This led to some hilarious results, such as the bushel of zucchini that Eamon claimed to have eaten during the course of his morning run.

Eamon O'Dea was the General Evaluator. Jordi Calveras and Maryam Ali evaluated the speeches. Supporting roles were filled by Andrew Engel (Grammarian), Xiang Hu (Ah Counter), Irina (Time Keeper), and Jordi Calveras (Vote Counter).

Attendees were: Jordi Calveras, Kayoko, Xiang Hu, Irina, Tatiana Makhinova, Andrew Engel, Eamon O'Dea, Maryam Ali, Hieu Nguyen, Dmitri, Justin Hall, Jag Swaminathan, Tom Vamvanij.

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