Friday, January 27, 2012

174th meeting

Today was the 4th meeting of the year. Our theme today was "Animals with Party Hats," and the word of the day was "sartorial." The Toastmaster was Kathy Spradlin.

Tatiana gave her 4th speech in the Competent Communicator manual entitled "What is the time?" Alex Loh gave his fifth speech in this manual concerning the new mentorship program for new members!

Jag Swaminathan was the entertaining TableTopics Master.

Maryam Ali was General Evaluator. Andrew Engel evaluated Tatiana's speech and Jordi evaluated Alex's speech.  Supporting roles were filled by Eamon (Grammarian), Ahmed (Vote Counter and Ah Counter) and Xiang Hu (Time Keeper).

Today's meeting was also graced by several visitors. We were delighted to have such an enthusiastic group of people join us and participate in our meeting!

Join us next time for our meeting with the theme "Why am I so AWESOME?"

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