Friday, February 3, 2012

175th Meeting

We had a great meeting this week. Our Toastmaster of the Day was Justin, and the topic was "Why am I so AWESOME?" The word of the day was egomaniacal.

We had some guests--Megan, Marcel, Mick and Joshua--some of whom got to get their feet wet by speaking on the spot during our Table Topics session. Our Table Topics master was Alex and our general evaluator was Kalen.

Our speakers today were Jordi and Mick, our guest and area governor. Jordi's speech was a little unusual, a monodrama from the perspective of Isaac Newton in an advanced communicator manual. Jordi's evaluator was Maryam and Mick's was Alex.

The supporting roles were filled by Victor (Grammarian and Ah Counter), Maryam (Time Keeper), and Alex (Vote Counter).

All guests are welcome to join us next week!

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