Friday, June 21, 2013

24th Meeting of the Year

Our club has been meeting regularly all year, but our website went into hiatus for a while. We are back in action and ready to share the excitement of our meetings!

Friday's meeting drew upon the theme of Strategies, whether they be philosophies for better living or tips on putting together a delicious meal.

Thomas led the show as Toastmaster of the Evening. In her prepared speech Marcia continued to share her love of literature, this time through the poem Jabberwocky and a biography of Lewis Carroll. Eugene, a guest from a Toastmasters club in Houston, gave a forceful and inspiring speech on identifying your goals and seeing them though.

Joaquin led the TableTopics and asked us to share our strategies for success at work and play. Zhufeng won over the crowd with his hilariously meta response to the question, "What strategy do you use to reply to TableTopics questions?" He responded, via a demonstration, that he distracted the audience with tangential conversation until his time was up.

We had several guests who participated enthusiastically in the TableTopics session. Special congratulations to Ollie and Edward, our newest members!

Join us next week as we ponder the deeply controversial topic of "Insects in Food."

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