Saturday, June 29, 2013

25th Meeting of the Year

This meeting was a dynamic one with Vema showing how to disarm bandits to Edward discussing about how his friend Steve confused Communism with Socialism.  Jagannath provided excellent leadership as the leading officer and Toastmaster of the evening.  By mentioning that eating insects could solve the ecological crises, he enhanced the delicate, but exciting subject that Thomas offered about Insects In Food.

The table topics was exciting with Tian winning the best table topic speaker.  Tian mentioned that consuming insects are not a horror, but a delicacy.  Xiang came around to offer that a boiling cauldron of hot water will be the solution to a cuisine of insects offered to him.   Slicing of the cake contaminated with deceased fruitflys was Maryam's solution to the lying youthful fruitflys, who desired for her to eat their deceased ones.  Vema solved the tennis tournament crises of using insects that had tennis liked wings since he placed them to look like they were tennis decorations on the cake.  Justin started off that he would refuse to eat an insect that could eat him or was toxic.

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