Tuesday, July 16, 2013

27th meeting of the year

The 27th meeting of this year began with the declaration of the presiding officer----Jag. Some people just wondered why he did not pass over the meeting to the toastmaster even after the introduction of the guests. That was not weird, since Jag was also the Toastmaster of this meeting.

Ollie, who gave a lecture last week, continued his adventure on the route to a CC. This week he talked about food innovation, with the emphasis on speech organization. Edward, our former area governor, give an impromptu speech on speech contests. 

The Tabletopic master Maryam, turned that session to a pageant interview. Being a “picky” judge, she raised all kinds of questions to test the contestants' thinking and expression. The questions covered the scope from Snowden’s leakage of classified information to the cost of higher education. Kristen, who won the best table topic speaker last week, entertained every one with her answer. She won the prize again this week.

Finally, Kalen and Zhufeng evaluated Ollie and Edward’s speeches in thorough and complete ways. Thejas declared the meeting was successful. Even when the meeting was over, everyone lingered for conversation.

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