Saturday, July 6, 2013

26th meeting of the year

This exciting meeting had an icebreaker from Ollie, who gave an interesting account of himself, to the skyping party with our President Alex.  Ollie mentioned that he had lived from Oman to England with the spice of coming from a family of mixed Jewish and Catholic backgrounds.  Zhufeng and Xiang led the meeting well.  As Toastmaster, Zhufeng transitioned well between the different roles.  Xiang, as topicsmaster, asked insightful questions based on the theme of Great Inventions.

The responses to Xiang's questions were numerous and enjoyable  The evening was filled with laughter.  The tabletopics winner of the evening, Kristen, mentioned that makeup was just a wasteful invention that causes people to lose their real character to others.  Maryam came around to say that the Iphone was the best invention since that device allowed her to combine work with reading literature. 

The end was with a party that was to Monique.  We all had a toast to her.  Then our President Alex mysteriously appeared on a labtop saying that he hacked it so that he could be part of the party.  Nope, he did Skype.  The evening snack was a fun experience that brought in Sophia and Kevin as new members.

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