Friday, January 31, 2014

Second Meeting of the Year

Hello my fellow toastmasters,

We had another great meeting as Elie gave out excellent questions about the "I in Science" and Thomas eloquently spoke about "Less Is More."  Maria mentioned that was Thomas's best speech ever given with Alex giving advice how to make me just as good a speaker like President Obama.

However, thanks has to be given to Kalen for leading an excellent meeting as toastmaster.  Xiang summarized the meeting as General Evaluator.  It has to be mentioned that the K53 Area Governor named Mick Normington told us that Marcia gave the best grammarian report that he ever heard.  Jagannath also corrected our mistakes with useless crutch words like "ah."  Katia kept the trains on time and Andrew rigged the votes.

Moreover, our meeting demonstrated the strong organization that we have formed.  Come and join us.  You will become better with practice.

The menu for next week has Jagannath with a standup comedy and Katia mentioning about how to have an excellent experience with a trip to Europe.

Sincerely From,
K52 Area Governor

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