Friday, February 7, 2014

Third Meeting of the Year

Despite the school closure, the Toastmasters meeting was able to convene vibrantly.  Elie brilliantly lead the meeting and Thomas tweaked us with his story starting "What is the Big Question?".  Though the theme seem broad, the story starter lead the first answerer Alex to discover that an outlaw witch lost in a foreign land needed to find where her other comrads were.  Thomas told a story and Alex took it on from there and passed to another story teller with Thomas ending it.  Andrew also won an award as member of the week with a cremepuff from Elie.

Before the withchery, Katia gave us advice about how to enjoy an European vacation to its fullest.  She offered pertinent details like using the public transport system instead of unreliable rentals in these congested smaller than American cities.  Her advice about going to their local supermarkets instead of expensive restaurants that in reality cater to foreign tourists may lead the adventurer to their weirder foods, such as goat intestines.

Jagannath the joker had a few surprises with his bag of tricks.  He gave a standup comedy.  Alright, the comedy of Jag was hilarious.  He gave all sorts of jokes about why he was a scientist.  He wanted to become a scientist because it seemed like a cool American thing to do.  He loves listening to cool Americans with crazy names like an Iowan gentlemen who loves to smoke pot to discover what are the real secrets of the universe through his sixth sense. 

Now to the witchery, Alex starts off by figuring out how to not be lost in a dirty country trail.  Then Kalen the Warloch technomages with google maps to be aware of his spatialness.  Maryam figures the physics of the sixth sense somehow.  And witches to the convention of witches, but apparently could not use superpowers to find front door.  However, Marcia the SuperWitch Negotiator asks Santa for help to get down chimney because somehow they were best buds.  Andrew remembers that the witch was being hunted down by the authorities and magically turns all of the other witches and warlochs to look the same.  Wow what an experience.  Xiang uses his physics theorems to find who was what.  Thomas ends it with hirelings fixing the problem throughout the Night.  And away the hunted one whisked away in her broom.

The menu for next week has Zhufeng giving an unknown flavor and Marcia having a surprise just for you guests.  So come and enjoy everything we got to offer. 

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