Friday, February 21, 2014

Fifth Meeting of the Year

Hello my fellow toastmasters,

Andrew as toastmaster brilliantly lead the battle for today's meeting.  He kept everyone on time and in order.  He has done well over the last several weeks for other roles.  That is why he received an appreciation award from the area governor and our special toy pets for being member of the week.  Also Katia asked intriguing questions about the Winter Olympics ranging from what will be the best location to if the olympians are actually rolemodels.

Our two speakers Kalen and Sofia delivered well on their speeches.  Kalen mentioned about setting up a fund to better feed and provide better bedding for the hardworking graduate students who make the iphone work from the programming side to the materials science of silicon.  Sofia on the other hand discussed about the importance of meditation controlling our thoughts.  She opined that a mind without meditation experiences a state of being out of control.  The method is simple.  To not hate, but to love.  Surprisingly did Jesus teach this.  That is left out by both creationists and evolutionists alike.  Besides, graduate students do need more support.  So I call upon you today forgive an old mistake done by you or another and help one another.

The menu has a full complement of speakers.  Elie, Marcia, and Katia will be our next speakers for the next meeting.  Come next week to experience the sight of three of our greatest speakers and a bit of impromtu speaking during tabletopics.

Best from a fellow officer

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