Saturday, March 1, 2014



We had an excellent meeting with three speeches from our finest speakers.   Elie raved how awful the movie "Frozen" was.  Katia advised how to satiate in the natural scenery of Austin.  Marcia discussed about how to prepare your hair into "lochs."  After that, tabletopics was lively with questions from Sofia.  She is a natural philosopher with a great mind into the deepness of the human heart.  Well, she is after all a neural science major that had though provoking questions around the influence of the golden globe awards.  Kalen provided thoughtful advice for Elie's speech.  Jagannath mentioned what needed to improve for Katia's speech.  Thomas orated a lesson about swagger to Marcia.

Come to next week's meeting to watch our club contest.  Currently we have Jagannath and Maryam for the International Speech Contest and Elie and Katia for the Evaluation Contest with the test speaker being Andrew.  Next week will have complementary cookies and tea with forms to become a member.  We will guide you through the process of becoming one of us.

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